Main Planets Edit



Galaxy class orbitting Earth and a Starbase

The Home of humanity and the United Federation of Planets, all Federation players will start in orbit of Earth by a starbase once the tutorial has been completed and will be the main hub of activity. It is currently unknow whether you will be able to beam down to Earth in anyway.

The Starbase is a place where players can talk and team up as well as offering many services for players such as:

A Starfleet Officer to buy Bridge Officers from:

A shipyard to customise you starship and buy new parts from:

A Starfleet Admiral where you get promoted:

More Starfleet Admirals where you get new missions:

A Bank to store excess items:

Club 47 where you can dance and buy alien weaponry from a smuggler:

Main map core where you can view the Galaxy map and decide where you want to head next:

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